18 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
Library Staff Assistance and Other Services
1. Please indicate which of the following services your library provides for users with disabilities.
Check all that apply. N=62
Library staff assistance to
Retrieve books and other library materials from the stacks 62 100%
Search catalog and online resources 59 95%
Copy/scan/print library materials 58 94%
Set up personal equipment for use in the library 23 37%
Other staff assistance 19 31%
Please briefly describe the other assistance offered by library staff.
Acquire alternate format texts for courses. Assistance with completion of library forms.
ADA computer workstation.
Assist users with disability workstations.
Assistance with adaptive equipment.
Convert some print materials into digital materials to be read by computer program.
Delivery service to buildings on campus Braille printing.
Directional assistance for users with visual impairment.
Library provides enhanced services for users with disabilities. The library works cooperatively with university Access and
Diversity to meet users’ needs.
Order alternative format textbooks.
Order special equipment, if needed.
Orientation to library (new students/parents) teaching adaptive software teaching how to make material available in
alternative formats.
Paging services are available through on online booking service to all current students, faculty and staff. We make
special arrangement when community users need assistance in retrieving material from our stacks.
Provide training in use of adaptive technology.
Research assistance through the Personal Librarian Program, in partnership with Student Disability Services.
Sign users onto computer with JAWS and Kurzweill 3000 software/hardware.
Soundproof study/tutoring rooms.
We have two group study rooms with assistive technology for the exclusive use of users with disabilities.
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