SPEC Kit 321: Services for Users with Disabilities · 21
We do not have a specialist for disabled patrons. The Head of Public Services and the Head of Customer Services would
function in this regard. Public Services staff are empowered to assist disabled patrons in whatever capacity they need.
We will accept a walk up request for some activity but if it involves a significant amount of work, such as scanning lots
of content, we will indicate an appointment is needed.
Workspace Accommodations
3. Please indicate which of the following workspace accommodations your library provides for users
with disabilities. Check all that apply. N=62
Wheelchair accessible/height-adjustable workstation(s) 52 84%
Assistive technology on general-purpose public workstation(s)
(i.e., workstation(s) can be used for either purpose) 37 60%
Assistive technology on workstation(s) in a multi-person quiet room
or other separate workspace 32 52%
Dedicated assistive technology workstation(s) in public areas 28 45%
Assistive technology on workstation(s) in a one-person quiet room
or other separate workspace 19 31%
Non-fluorescent lighting 9 15%
Assistive technology on workstation(s) in special study carrels 6 10%
Other workspace accommodation 13 21%
Please briefly describe the other workspace accommodation(s).
Accommodate seeing-eye dogs.
Campus IT provides assistance technology workstations throughout campus.
Circulate equipment provided by campus Disability Support Services.
Instructional Media Collection Department provides access to closed caption video collection.
Light dimmer.
Most library buildings have brighter T8 fluorescent lighting with better colour rendering and specular reflectors.
Non-quiet room for dictation using voice recognition software.
Separate closed individual study rooms reserved through our Disability Support Services office in the library.
The Access &Diversity office, Student Development &Services, offers assistive technology on laptops for students
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