30 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
Selecting and Publicizing Services
9. How does your library decide which services and technologies to provide for users with disabilities?
Check all that apply. N=59
Responds to requests by patrons 45 76%
Library coordinator recommends administration makes decisions 32 54%
Campus or governmental ADA/disabilities office mandates
which services and technologies to provide 28 48%
Gifts donations for specific items 13 22%
Library coordinator makes decisions 12 20%
Surveys patrons 9 15%
Other process 24 41%
Please explain the other decision process.
Collaboration with the campus Disability Services Office.
Consultation with the Office for Students with Disabilities
Consulted with campus Disabilities Coordinator.
Coordinates with Student Accessibility Services office that supports campus wide services.
Disabilities Office suggests equipment and software.
Disability Resource Center Dean also makes recommendations to coordinator who recommends them to administration
who makes decisions.
Input from CSD (Centre for Students Development).
Interact frequently with Institutional Equity Office.
Library coordinates with campus partners. Benchmark services by peer institutions.
Library coordinator works with campus disability services office staff.
Maintain regular contact with campus Office of Services for Students with Disabilities.
Our disabilities office has an adaptive technologies specialist who recommends software and hardware.
Recommendations from campus Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities (RCPD).
Requests from Access &Diversity, Equity Offices, e.g., retrofitting a washroom to provide electronic lifts.
Suggestions from campus disabilities office.
The Disabilities Resource Center recommends technologies and assists in evaluating recommendations by patrons.
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