42 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
Gifts from alumni.
Grants and donations.
Library provides funding for non-computer equipment and software such as enlarging viewers and furniture, and
provides the private room.
Once again, this is difficult to answer. There are various sources of funding that can be used in the libraries. I can’t say
they have all been used but it is possible many could be used.
Our equipment has all been purchased through a special fund that campus units can apply for when purchasing assistive
technology. The fund is managed by a group affiliated with our Services for Students with Disabilities office. We have
also received donations. The library budget does not include money for accessible software or hardware.
Sometimes purchases have been split between the library and the campus office responsible for supporting persons
with disabilities.
University computer access fee can be applied for to fund technology. It is a competitive process.
We have a Dixon Fund yearly endowment.
We have received one-time grant money to install an automatic door for our dedicated workspace. The Disabilities
Resource Center facilitated the grant but the funding came from an outside source.
We have the opportunity to request funds for special projects.
When the library does any renovation, we comply with relevant ADA guidelines. Central DSS office often receives special
funds from alumni and grants to fund special purchases.
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