SPEC Kit 321: Services for Users with Disabilities · 33
The libraries’ Head of Access Services is a liaison to the Center for Disabilities.
The Universal Accessibility Associate.
12. If there is a central ADA officer/disabilities coordinator, please describe how often that person
works with library staff to coordinate support for persons with disabilities. N=40
Approximately once a year.
As needed. (3 responses)
As requested.
At least once each semester.
AUL for HR serves as a member of University-wide Disabilities Committee. Committee meets every other month.
Committee will meet quarterly or as needed.
Coordinator responds to student queries, coordinator also responds to library staff inquiries.
During any renovation or upgrade to equipment routine Library staff awareness and training.
E-mail requests or meetings as needed.
Every semester.
He works with library and campus staff on an as-needed basis.
I am not sure of this. I believe she contacts various individuals depending g on the needs. I work closely with her in my
role as Diversity Officer.
In response to specific individual and program needs, and budgeting related to software and equipment.
Librarian and director meet once per semester or as needed.
Meet periodically.
Meet quarterly with library building representatives.
On an as-needed basis. Usually about 10–15 times/year.
On an individual need basis.
On-going process.
Once or twice a quarter the coordinator will contact circulation for help with retrieving materials or making sure an
individual can check out a cart.
Our coordinator in the library is a shared position with the central disabilities office. The coordinator participates in
monthly meetings with the central offices and liaises about upcoming service changes.
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