22 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
requiring this support. Library has been advised that this is preferred, rather than the library trying to provide these
services directly to students. The Crane Resource Centre &Library offer services.
The library, in partnership with campus IT and campus Disability Services, offers a fully equipped laboratory with
assistive technology quiet reading areas, staffing.
The Student Special Services Office on campus provides special exam arrangements, text in alternate formats, note-
sharing, adaptive equipment, assistive technology software and hardware, and library assistance. Student Special
Services has made clear to us that the needs on campus are so varied and changing that it makes more sense for them
to acquire the exact technology needed for users with disabilities at the time of need, rather than the library installing
software that is not used and goes out of date. Students with disabilities work directly with Special Services, and staff
and faculty work directly with the Disability Coordinator in Human Resources. We do also have shopping-type carts that
users can check out from the circulation desk and use to more easily move print materials they need around the library.
Website is ADA compliant.
Windows to multi-person room have blinds.
4. Please describe how many workstations have assistive technology in each location. N=54
N Minimum Maximum Mean Median Std Dev
Dedicated public workstations 28 1 19 2.75 2 3.52
General public workstations 32 1 558 113.87 8 160.13
Study carrels 6 1 7 2.83 2 2.32
Quiet room 28 1 20 3.32 2 3.68
Other Location
ADA room: 7 workstations
Classroom 1
One group study room wheelchair accessible.
Quiet reading recliner (within the Adaptive Technology Centre)
University-run computer labs in the libraries =31.2
All computers in the Libraries have some assistive technology available including Kurzweil 3000, ZoomText and JAWS.
All general public workstations in all of the branches have basic assistive software.
All libraries have one workstation with the exception of Hayden that has seven (considered the main library) where the
“ADA” room is located and where there is staff dedicated to service for all branches/users with disabilities.
All public computers have Windows assistive technologies.
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