SPEC Kit 321: Services for Users with Disabilities · 25
Specialized Software
6. What specialized software is available on the workstations that have assistive technology? Check
all that apply. N=62
Text Magnification N=60
Zoom Text (magnifier and reader) 47 78%
Adobe Acrobat (full version) 33 55%
Magnifier (Microsoft Accessibility Accessories) 24 40%
MAGic 12 20%
Magnifying Glass Pro 4 7%
Other software 12 20%
Please specify the other text magnification software.
Arkenstone/Ruby/Open Book (OCR scanning software that allows materials to be scanned and saved as text files.)
Duxbury Braille. Translator/DBT (Can translate text files into Braille &Braille files into text.) Also have: scanner attached,
Braille embosser attached, CD burner with Roxio Easy CD Creator installed.
Available through our computing center’s “Hive” (cloud computing).
CCTV (magnification of hard copy).
Epson Color scanner with Epson Scan and Abby FineReader Software for OCR.
Kurzweil 3000.
Kurzweil, Cicero.
NB: Full Adobe Acrobat is only available in the consultation rooms.
Premiere Assistive.
Spectrum Print Magnifier.
This is just available in the university computer labs present in the libraries. Library workstations only have ZoomText
Window Eyes.
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