20 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
2. How does a disabled person obtain staff assistance in the library? Check all that apply. N=62
Approach any service desk 61 98%
Request an appointment with a specialist by phone 58 94%
Request an appointment with a specialist by e-mail 58 94%
Request an appointment with a specialist online 33 52%
Request an appointment with a specialist by text message 23 37%
Approach a special service desk 13 21%
Other 17 27%
Please describe the other way(s) disabled users obtain staff assistance in the library.
Any registered user can request appointments or approach any service desk for assistance. Since the LC collections are
completely closed-stack, both special-needs users and other member of the public need to be assisted by reference staff.
Ask campus Disability Services for referral.
Automatically, through online forms/requests.
I receive referrals from the campus Disabilities Resource Center.
Make arrangements through the University Wide Disability Services Office.
Orientation to new students with disabilities by the reference librarian who is the coordinator for users with disabilities
for the library.
Patrons may also go through the university Disability Resource Center to obtain staff assistance in the library.
People can also e-mail or telephone the IT ATC specialist for assistance in the ATC.
Referrals from Disabilities Office, faculty or other staff.
Request appointment with specialist via chat.
Students may register at the Disability Support Services Office and request special assistance.
Students requiring specialized library services, especially the use of the Adaptive Technology Centre, must bring a
letter of introduction from the Office of Students with Disabilities to the Coordinator, Library Services for Users with
Disabilities. This letter details what accommodations they will need in order to use the library in an equitable manner.
The student’s first step is to register with the Access &Diversity Office, Student Development and Services. Referrals are
also received from professors, teaching assistants, note-takers, etc.
University Office of Disability Services, Affirmative Action Office, and Blind and Visually Impaired Services—a state
agency—all make referrals to Libraries Services for Persons with Disabilities.
We do also have a short service desk in our undergraduate library for consultations with those in wheelchairs, but the
disabled are not required to use it.
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