34 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
Refers students as they are registered. Also consults on new or different issues.
The ADA officer worked with the library to establish the group study rooms with assistive technology and to develop
specialized instruction and services for students library staff and staff from the ADA office meet at least yearly to
discuss needs, etc.
The adaptive technologies specialist helps the library make sure we have the latest software and hardware to assist
those with disabilities. The director of disabilities services works with us on policy matters.
The campus disabilities coordinator works with library staff on an as-needed basis. This person primarily supports
students with disabilities. The library has also had representation on a campus disabilities services committee.
There is an ADA officer in our Office of Equal Opportunities Programs, but they have no contact with the library. The
library works through the Learning Needs and Evaluation Center.
There is frequent communication between the Library and the Central Office staff.
There is regular contact via a committee that the library coordinator is part of. There is also personal individual contact
as needs arise.
This is an ongoing relationship with monthly meetings.
Upon request.
We rarely work with the Disability Management System office. This generally occurs when a student or staff member
needs specific equipment that we cannot provide. In these cases we contact them to see what provisions can be made.
Works to inform information commons staff of services and procedures.
Works with library staff as needed. The library staff has a representative on the central campus ADA committee.
Yes, there is and we work together often.
13. If the library employs an ADA officer/disabilities coordinator or other designated person to
oversee services for users with disabilities, please provide the following information: Position title,
approximate percentage of time spent coordinating services, the employee’s other responsibilities,
title of the person to whom the coordinator reports. N=29
Position Title %of Time Other Responsibilities Reports to
Access Services
5% Access Services coordinator Director of Access Services
ADA Librarian 5% Subject librarian for College of
Education general reference &
Tech team leader
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