28 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
Specialized Hardware and Other Equipment
7. What specialized hardware is available on or for use with the workstations that have assistive
technology? Check all that apply. N=53
Scanners (with OCR) 42 79%
Speakers 35 66%
Microphones 25 47%
Noise reduction headphones 24 45%
Motor trackball mouse 22 42%
Augmented keyboard (one-handed, large keys, small keys, etc.) 18 34%
Joystick 7 13%
Wands and sticks 2 4%
Vocal labels for keyboard 1 2%
Light signals for computer sounds 1 2%
Other hardware 16 30%
Please specify the other hardware that is available for users with disabilities.
Bierley handheld magnifier.
Braille embosser.
Braille embosser.
Braille printer, Braille embosser.
Electrically adjustable desks.
Flat bed scanner.
Headphone with microphone, Braille printers.
Headphones with microphone for use with DNS.
Headphones, Braille Terminal Display.
Headphones, printers.
Headtracker 2000 no hands mouse trackball mouse (not motor).
Index Basic Brailler.
Reading Edge machine.
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