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Since scholarworks involvement in public engagement programs is relatively new, little publicity has been
generated. The grand launch of the Engagement section on scholarworks will be held April 15, 2009. There will be
significant media (newspaper) and campus announcements prior to and at that event.
The OSU Library’s participation in “Listening to the Prairie” ALA/Smithsonian traveling exhibit program was featured
in Cultural Programming for Libraries: Linking Libraries, Communities &Culture (Chicago: ALA, 2005) as a “five star
program.” Additionally, some public engagement programs have been featured in the newsletters and other print
and Web-based publications of program partners.
University alumni e-update and newsletter
University-published Web site
Wayne State University President’s Report. The materials specific to public engagement programs were three-fold
flyers for the Chapbook Literacy Project.
Web sites for specific public engagement programs, such as Get Graphic, New York Go Local, Hubnet Web site
gateways for local unique digital collections brochures/flyers/ads for public events exhibits
Additional Comments
28. Please enter any additional information regarding public engagement activities at your library that
may assist the authors in accurately interpreting the results of this survey. N=8
Selected Comments from Respondents
During 2006–2007, the library had a task force that was charged with coordinating and promoting programs
related to our statehood centennial. One of the lasting outcomes of the work of this task force were program
planning forms designed to facilitate better communication between program proposers and library administration
about planning, organizing, budgeting and promoting events consistently and professionally. In our largely
decentralized environment for undertaking public engagement programs, these planning tools have helped improve
the overall quality of our programs.
In Spring 2006, the Head of Archives and Special Collections co-developed and co-taught a course with the English
Department on archival theory and practice. As part of their semester-long project for this course, students enrolled
at Purdue engaged in a service learning project, preserving, organizing, and describing the George Winter Collection
of manuscripts owned by the Tippecanoe County Historical Association. As part of the class, students learned
archival processes for preserving collections, while performing archival preservation work on a collection owned by
the local historical association. Later that year, the Head of Archives and Special Collections received grant funding
from the Indiana State Library that allowed TCHA’s George Winter Collection to be digitized and made more widely
available to the public as part of this project a teacher was hired to write lesson plans for use of the digitized
Winter collection in classroom teaching, in particular for elementary school students’ National History Day projects.
My position has variously been dubbed Public Relations, Campus Relations, and Outreach, and recently became
Planning and Promotions Librarian. I have an advisory (not working) committee that meets monthly or less. My
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