64 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
Challenge 1
Challenge 2
Challenge 3
Developing the key contacts
and designing and developing
the meaningful roles of Library
Developing essential communication
strategies to call these initiatives
effectively to the wider community’s
Developing meaningful assessment
Funding Targeted personnel
Funding Staffing
Funding Staffing
Funding and resources The allocation of staff time
Funding: Resources are scarce. Staff: Meeting the needs of our primary
clientele occupy most of our time.
Publicity: We lack an effective public
relations arm through which to take
our resources and programs to the
Getting staff buy-in: some feel it is not
core activity.
Time, funds, and energy are limited. Skills set required to deal with
Getting the word out to the
community about programs and
exhibitions involves doing mailings
and web outreach. A typical mailing
of invitations of about 2500-3000 will
take significant staff time. With a staff
of two and some student helpers, the
design and dissemination of hard copy
mailings which has been our tradition,
is time-consuming. (University Art
Involving the public in University
events is always difficult, in a large
and competitive market such as
Washington, D.C. where cultural
programs abound. Finding the right
niche of patrons interested in academic
sponsored art events is challenging.
(University Art Galleries)
It is difficult to draw in the student
population in attending events which
do not directly relate to their academic
studies. The gallery, however, has hired
student workers to gain experience in
their art discipline, have meaningful
academic discourse with exhibitions,
and apply their research to written
materials for exhibitions. This approach
has proved positive for students in
making career choices. (University Art
Getting top university administrator
buy-in to support library scholarly
communication activities such as the
digital repository to showcase and
disseminate the campus’ community
engagement activities.
Need to engage and educate those
involved in public engagement
activities about depositing their
materials in scholarworks, recruiting
both faculty and Office of Outreach
staff in recruitment and deposit of
Difficult to sustain long-term funding
for librarian to focus on these efforts.
The person currently in charge of
developing the scholarworks site for
public engagement activities is on a
term 2-year contract.
It’s difficult to make the library sound
sexy, engaging, and dynamic for people
of all ages.
Not enough resources We like to partner/collaborate with
other groups on campus but they don’t
necessarily want to partner with us.
Lack of resources (both time and
financial) to devote to activities
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