44 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
20. Are formal responsibilities for public engagement programs included in the position descriptions
for librarians with liaison responsibilities to academic departments that have public engagement
programs (e.g., Education, Health Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Social Work)? N=43
Yes 12 28%
No 31 72%
21. Are there positions in your library that do not have formal responsibility for public engagement
programs, but for which there is an assumption or practice of informal responsibility for or
involvement with these programs? N=43
Yes 33 77%
No 10 23%
If yes, please describe.
A number of librarians have developed partnerships with campus, community, and statewide partners because
of their professional interests and the value that is placed on these activities. Some of these positions include:
assessment librarian, humanities/social sciences librarian, documents librarian, catalog librarian, oral history
librarians, and the Associate Dean for Planning &Assessment.
All departments work with ISU Extension as needed, given our status as a land-grant institution.
All librarians are evaluated on their participation in service opportunities. Many of them use public service programs
to fulfill those requirements for selective salary increases.
All Public Services and Archives/Special Collections staff (including professional and support) who provide outreach
through library instructional programming, etc.
Archivist for Music and Fine Arts utilizes public engagement to actively connect students, faculty, and the general
public with the historical collections of papers, music manuscripts and music instruments. Professor of Rare Book
and Manuscript Library also takes the lead in the development public programs and exhibitions that focus on their
Associate University Librarian for Administration, Development and Human Resources Associate University Librarian
for Collections and Scholarly Communication Director, Special Collections Research Center
Branch/division library heads, including UBC Library Okanagan Library Director
Campus library directors
Center for Southwest Research curatorial staff
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