SPEC Kit 312: Public Engagement · 21
One strategic goal is to establish the library as the premier source of information about the Chicago area’ s rich
social, political, intellectual, and economic history not only for internal but also for external constituencies. Also,
the National Network of Libraries of Medicine-Greater Midwest Region is housed at our Library of Health Science,
and that relationship contractually imposes public engagement activities on the library.
“Outreach” (our parlance for public engagement) is a category in every criterion for Promotion and Tenure:
teaching, librarianship, research, and service.
Public engagement activities are explicitly recognized in appointment and review processes for our Community
Outreach Services Librarian. Public engagement activities are also recognized in appointment and review process for
other librarians under the heading “University &Public Service.”
Public engagement activities represent peripheral responsibilities for several librarians &therefore do not play a key
part in their rand &status considerations. Nonetheless, they are taken into account.
See strategic plan of university (community, internationalization). The process for renewing the Strategic Plan
is underway and it is expected that public engagement activities will again be a focus in addition to teaching,
research, and learning.
The campus holds an annual Outreach Awards event.
The term “share knowledge” is in the university mission statement. The term “outreach” is in the library mission
The University Art Galleries, Luther W. Brady Art Gallery and Dimock Gallery, report to the University Librarian. It has
multiple exhibits and uses its Web site and publications to share information.
The university’s “Communication 9” related to tenure and promotion only this past month has incorporated
public engagement work as part of this process. The document’s revisions have not been made public beyond the
University [was] recently named to the Presidential Honor Roll for Community Service by the Corporation for
National and Community Service.
University mission includes public service and it does have public engagement activities, but they are hard to
identify on the campus Web site.
We have numerous programs of public engagement in the university especially through the Alliance for Catholic
Education and the Center for Social Concerns. The libraries are involved only tangentially through instruction
programs and provision of information to the academic elements of these initiatives.
Weight given to public engagement activities varies widely among departments.
Workshops on drug information to the public in conjunction with the public libraries. Other workshops given:
Reference &Information, Subject Specialist, Web Site Development, Public Programs, Continuing Education.
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