SPEC Kit 312: Public Engagement · 67
Marketing and Public Relations for Public Engagement Programs
27. In what materials are library public engagement programs featured? Check all that apply. N=42
Local Newspaper 32 76%
Friends Newsletter 27 64%
Annual Report 25 60%
Local Broadcast Media (Radio, Television) 21 50%
Conference Papers or Presentations 21 50%
Faculty Newsletter 16 38%
Materials Specific to Public Engagement Programs (e.g., K-12 Connections) 11 26%
Professional or Scholarly Journals 10 24%
Student Newsletter 3 7%
Parent Newsletter 2 5%
Other materials 20 48%
Please describe other materials.
Aggie Hotline: online daily newsletter
Artbytes (monthly e-newsletter) is circulated from the University Art Galleries to more than 400
Brochures and invitations
Campus promotions venues: campus media, electronic bulletins, calendars, etc.
Invitations, university online news, university calendar, free weeklies
Libraries’ News Blog
Library Web site
Library Web site
Library Web site/news blog, university Web site
Library Web site, other university department Web sites
Library/IKBLC Web sites blogs webcasts virtual displays attendance at community organizations’ events
Outreach Magazine (university publication), Penn State LIVE/PSU Newswire (online news source)
Podcasts via the library’s Web site and iTunes. Web sites. Listservs
Press releases
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