48 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
The staff of the Sousa Archives and Center for American Music has provided music concerts to help raise funds
for specific community-based music programs that are part of the university’s annual American Music Month
celebrations. In addition, private solicitations have been coordinated through the Library’s Office of Advancement
and the university’s Development Office.
Assessment of Public Engagement Programs
24. Has your library engaged in assessment of the success/impact of public engagement programs?
Yes 17 37%
No 29 63%
If yes, please describe the method(s) of assessment.
Because our major exhibition was grant funded we had to perform some assessment. Attendees filled out
evaluation forms. We kept attendance statistics.
Collection of both qualitative (surveys of participants) and quantitative (#of participants, etc.) data
Count the number of attendees at related events (i.e., exhibit openings). Solicit feedback from attendees via survey
Evaluation instruments and follow-up electronic surveys utilized for some events. Fundraiser event metrics of
financial loss/gain.
Evaluations distributed in paper or electronically to program participants attendance counts counts of news stories
in local and statewide media donations of special collections materials related to program topics comments on
Web-based feedback forms and participation in surveys for future programming ideas. Evaluative information is
utilized extensively for improvement and in planning future programs that will best meet the needs of targeted
Feedback forms for instruction sessions, GPO inspections, tracking attendance at exhibits of special collections
Informal assessment through debriefing sessions following event
Internal self-assessment of exhibitions program
Significant assessment via surveys, audience response forms for “Get Graphic” activities use patterns &statistics
for digital collections available to the public regular surveys of users of HUBNET resources and services (hospital
The CIRLA grant was evaluated using Outcomes Based Evaluation.
Under development. Some examples of success: The Chung Collection the BC History Digitization Project the
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