20 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
If your library or your institution is involved in public engagement activities, please complete this
If you answered No or Not Applicable to all of the questions above, please submit the survey now.
Organizational Culture of Public Engagement
4. Please indicate how your institution and/or library demonstrate the importance of participation in
public engagement activities. Check all that apply. N=46
N University/
Parent Institution
Relevant Web sites include information on public engagement programs 41 36 33
Publications, communications, or public relations materials include
information on public engagement programs
37 34 31
Strategic plan or other planning document identifies public engagement as a
strategic initiative or goal
37 31 28
Mission statement includes a component about public engagement 33 33 23
Participation in public engagement activities is recognized in appointment,
annual review, and/or tenure and promotion processes
33 28 30
Participation in public engagement activities is recognized through awards or
28 25 14
Additional Comments
Based on your definition of public engagement, it seems to me that any engagement on the part of librarians, who
have faculty status here, would be considered service thus relevant to tenure.
In the land-grant vernacular the term used in our mission statements is “outreach.” However, if you surveyed faculty
(which includes librarians), at least 95% of them would include public engagement under outreach. Engagement
and outreach are important parts of the system, campus and library strategic plans.
Mission statements for the Libraries’ Web site and Exhibitions program include a component on public engagement.
No formal recognition but part of total package.
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