SPEC Kit 312: Public Engagement · 65
Challenge 1
Challenge 2
Challenge 3
Lack of staff resources Finding champions in the high schools
to partner with, who under stand the
library’s role(s)
Promotion to the community, getting
the word out
Limited funds to support solely public
engagement activities
Locating funding to support such
Not enough funding Limited time Not enough personnel
Our major challenge is in having staff
time to devote to public engagement
activities at a time when we are short-
handed, and struggling to meet the
needs of our ever-growing primary
customer base of students, faculty and
Parking fees and limited parking places
close to the libraries.
For instruction to public school
students: Inadequate classroom size
and technology to host large classes.
Timing -requests sometimes denied
because we are already busy with
university classes.
Resource constraints: time, staffing,
and/or money
Resources Resources Resources: Staffing and Funding. Never
any shortage of great ideas!
Serious lack of staff and money The library has the challenge of linking
to faculty who are incorporating service
learning and public engagement into
the curriculum. The university is just
now trying to get a more coordinated
picture of who is doing what. The
library is at the table in the discussions.
Funding for special projects is also not
easily found. In these economic times it
is even getting more difficult.
Staff shortages make it a challenge to
assign staff to work on this initiative.
Lack of parking makes it hard for
people to attend programs.
Staff time. While highly valued, these
activities are time-intensive.
Funding: we simply lack the funding to
support all of the initiatives in which
we might like to engage (or to support
them at the levels needed to have an
even broader impact).
Staffing Access to licensed resources
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