18 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
For the purposes of this survey:
Outreach refers to the provision of institutional resources for community use (Carnegie Foundation, 2007), e.g., provision of
circulation privileges to community members, provision of access to government information as part of the Federal Depository
Library Program. Outreach activities are not the focus of this survey.
Campus Engagement refers to traditional and emergent models of liaison librarian service designed to promote the use of
library services and collections by members of the campus community in support of teaching, learning, and research. Campus
engagement activities are not the focus of this survey, except as they represent library contributions to public engagement
programs housed in liaison departments.
Public Engagement refers, more broadly, to programs demonstrating a library and/or institutional commitment to community
partnerships, service to professional communities outside their primary user groups (e.g., K-12 educators, as opposed to students
enrolled in K-12 teacher education programs), and to [redesigning] teaching, research, extension, and service functions to
become ...Sympathetically and productively involved with their communities (Kellogg Commission, 1999, p. 9). In considering
whether to report an activity as being representative of public engagement, you should consider all programs that go beyond
provision of institutional resources for community use, and are aimed at bringing the professional expertise of the library to
members of the public beyond the campus community.
Scholarship of engagement refers to scholarly activities (e.g., teaching, original research) that explore engagement activities or
address community issues and needs. In the library context, a scholarship of engagement project might demonstrate a scholarly
approach to a public engagement project, e.g., an in-service instructional program for K-12 teachers.
Please consider your responses to these questions specifically within the framework of public engagement programs sponsored
by the library, and library contributions to public engagement programs sponsored by other academic units on your campus.
1. Does your library provide outreach or engagement programs as defined above that are aimed at
members of the general public, or services to members of the community who have no formal
affiliation with your institution? N=56
Yes 48 86%
No 8 14%
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