SPEC Kit 312: Public Engagement · 31
Twenty-two campus libraries across Pennsylvania: mainly K-12 teachers workshops and technology transfer.
Library Learning Services: K-12 initiatives. Physical &Mathematical Sciences: manages US Patent outreach to local
inventors community.
University Art Galleries Outreach committee which consists of staff members from various departments including
Reference, Special Collections Research Center, Development, Student Liaison, etc.
University of Wisconsin Digital Collections Center
11. Has a specific unit or library been the focal point for public engagement activities (e.g., Agriculture
Library)? N=46
Yes 17 37%
No 29 63%
If yes, please identify which unit or library.
Archives and Special Collections Water Resources, Extension Special Collections in particular
Branch Libraries: The Map Library runs some classes for high school students Steacie Science Library has classes for
high schools, Frost Library (Glendon) also has occasional classes for high school students the Clara Thomas Archives
and Special Collections also receives members of the public.
Center for Southwest Research (CSWR), Chicano, Hispano and Latino Studies (CHIPOTLE), Division of Latin
American &Iberian Resources (DILARES), Indigenous Nations Library Program (INLPO)
Communication Office Health Sciences Library Community Outreach Services
Education &Outreach Department
External Relations/Exhibitions Program, Friends of the Libraries, JHU Museums
Hicks Undergraduate Library
Library Advancement/Public Relations
Library Development
Main Library, Health Sciences Library
Main or central library (Wells Library)
Medical Library
Scholarly Communication Office
Sousa Archives and Center for American Music, Rare Book and Manuscript Library, ACES Library
Special Collections, Map &Imagery Laboratory
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