SPEC Kit 312: Public Engagement · 35
Please describe other Federal/State/Local Government Organization.
Census Bureau, US Patent and Trademark Office, State Corrections Facility
City of Urbana, City of Champaign
Department of State, Department of Energy
Indian Affairs Government Office, Nebraska State Department of Education
National Endowment for the Arts National Endowment for the Humanities National Science Foundation National
Institutes of Health IMLS
National Library of Medicine Go Local program
New Mexico Office of the State Historian
Oklahoma Humanities Council, Stillwater Arts &Humanities Council, Oklahoma Commission on the Status of
Public and state libraries
State Department of Education
State Library -Statewide Resource center, Pennsylvania State Data Center, Berks County Adult Probation/Parole
Office Community Service Program
State=Province of British Columbia. Other library: Library Services Branch, BC government (consortia initiatives)
14. Does your library have an advisory committee (or committees) that includes community members
and/or stakeholders in specific public engagement programs? N=47
Yes 15 32%
No 32 68%
If yes, please describe the composition of the advisory committee, in terms of its membership.
Advisory committee for capital campaign and Friends of the Library Committee both address these issues.
Friends of CSU Libraries, Water Resources Archive Advisory Board
Georgetown University Library Board
Library Directors, Authors, Book Collectors, Professionals
Our Africana Library has community advisors on special projects, such as digitization of materials for online access,
to help make them accessible to the K-12 public.
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