SPEC Kit 312: Public Engagement · 37
16. Who has primary responsibility for coordinating and/or planning public engagement activities
in your library? Check all that apply. (NB: Questions 16 to 19 exclude librarians with liaison
responsibilities to academic departments that have public engagement programs. These librarians
are addressed in question 20.) N=40
An individual with formal responsibilities for one or more public engagement programs 6 15%
Office of Public Affairs/Development/Advancement 5 13%
Library Director 3 8%
Associate/Assistant Library Director(s) 3 8%
Department Head 3 8%
Standing Committee/Working Group/Task Force 2 5%
Ad Hoc Committee/Working Group/Task Force 0
Other individual or group 18 45%
Please specify other individual or group.
Because of the value placed on this activity, a number of librarians have brought forward and developed public
engagement projects with the approval of the library administration. Responsibility for publicizing the projects rests
largely with the library’s coordinator of public information.
Communications and Development Officers both work in these areas.
Coordinator, Community Outreach Services (Health Sciences Library)
Depending on the program, an individual would be tasked with this responsibility.
Director, University Art Galleries and Chief Curator and Assistant Director
Distributed effort throughout 38 libraries in 24 campuses
Formerly “Outreach,” now titled “Planning and Promotions Librarian,” and advisory Communications and Outreach
In one of our libraries, there are individuals with formal responsibility for one or more public engagement programs.
The Assistant to the Dean of Libraries and other members of the Dean’s Office staff work on public engagement
initiatives selected by the Dean. A number of self-selected librarians and groups of librarians also work on public
engagement projects.
Includes: Assistant Library Director, Development, Exhibits Committee, Diversity Committee, occasionally other task
Includes our dean of libraries as well as campus library directors and associate/assistant library directors Individual
Individuals/groups include: Library director, associate university librarian, Development Office, department heads,
The Irving K. Barber Learning Centre (IKBLC) Director, IKBLC Community Business Librarian, IKBLC Community
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