32 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
Steenbock Memorial Library: The agricultural library has the most formal relationship via Extension services.
However, numerous libraries and units contribute to the overall effort from a variety of perspectives.
The Irving K. Barber Learning Centre Also for other community activities: Asian Library, Xwix7wa Library (First
Nations House of Learning) Exhibits/virtual exhibits: Rare Books &Special Collections University Archives.
Community Partners
12. Have any of these programs been designed, developed, implemented, or assessed in collaboration
with campus or community partners? N=46
Yes 40 87%
No 6 13%
13. If yes, who have been the primary partners with the library? Check all that apply. N=40
Museums or Cultural Heritage Organizations 24 60%
K-12 Schools (including school libraries) 21 53%
Public Libraries 21 53%
Alumni Association 13 33%
Fine or Performing Arts Groups (e.g., art appreciation group,
community theatre) 12 30%
State Library 12 30%
Cooperative Extension 11 28%
Campus Center for Public Engagement and/or Service Learning 9 23%
College of Education 7 18%
School of Library and Information Science 6 15%
College of Law 4 10%
Members of the Military
Other Academic Departments or Programs 27 68%
Other Community Organizations 24 60%
Other Federal/State/Local Government Organization 15 38%
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