36 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
Our development office has a committee of community and campus members with a variety of backgrounds and
stakeholder interests.
Our Friends of the Libraries Advisory Committee has a program sub-committee which assists library staff with
Friends program planning. Programs (lectures, book signings, exhibition openings) are free and open to the public.
The Development Advisory Committee is focused on fund raising, but public outreach is a component. The Friends of
the Brady Art Gallery does modest fund raising, and advises the Director on programs and exhibits.
The friends of the library
The Irving K. Barber Learning Centre: advisory committee under development (will include community members).
Asian Library: projects/programs -community members on advisory committees. Aboriginal Strategic Plan Working
Group: library is represented indirectly includes community members.
UCSB Reads engages our community in a series of conversations, lectures, readings, displays, and other activities
that explore interdisciplinary issues sparked by the selected read. Partners include Santa Barbara Public Library
System, the Santa Barbara City College Library, the Westmont College Library, the Antioch University Library, and
local high schools.
University of Illinois Library’s Public Engagement Working Group (No), but the Sousa Archives and Center for
American Music’s American Music Month Committee (Yes).
Varies. The Friends of the Libraries are actively engaged in this type of programming.
Yes, for specific programs in which partnerships are a key requirement for the awarding of funds however, there is
not an overall advisory committee on public engagement programs.
Library Organization for Public Engagement Activities
15. Does your library have a committee/working group/task force charged with promoting public
engagement programs? N=47
Yes 12 26%
No 35 74%
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