SPEC Kit 312: Public Engagement · 55
Cuban Heritage Collection embarked on an oral history project aimed at interviewing key people and transcribing/
translating and making the text available for online research.
Respondent 11
Government Information Online Ask a Librarian Number of questions answered: 105 in 2008
Instruction for public schools. The number of requests for classes continues to increase. There are repeat customers
and additional requests from the same schools. Some schools travel extra distance to visit TAMU because they have
had a better experience here than at a local institution.
Story time at campus housing complex for international students with families. This program has continued for
many years and involves several library staff members.
Respondent 12
History Day -many schools and counties participate.
Archive It -a Library of Congress project that ISU Library promoted to the K12 community.
Respondent 13
Holyoke Health Initiative: development of regional health library in minority area of nearby city, working with
librarians from other regional academic libraries, providing unique service to an underserved area.
Special Collections and University Archives: sharing knowledge of creating digital collections of archival materials
and building regional expertise taking in collections from the region and providing digital access when local
libraries could no longer provide support provides primary source materials for students and researchers.
Respondent 14
Homeschoolers Program working with high school age students and their parents in preparation for college,
in partnership with public library and joint public/community college library. Success judged by development for
community partnership and impact on student learning.
Lafayette Learning Academy teaching basic computer skills and information literacy skills to economically
disadvantaged individuals. Success judged by development of community partnership and impact on student
EBIN entrepreneurship business information network working with Purdue agricultural extension services
assisting small business owners and entrepreneurs throughout state with business information to assist in economic
gardening. Success judged by development of community partnerships and number of community participants.
Respondent 15
Impact on student learning. Chicago Public Schools and Chicago Charter Schools schedule tours and instruction
sessions that result in better research papers and more interest in attending university 10 librarians for the past
10 years.
Public program to increase awareness of Caribbean literature and its impact on politics and literature of the
Americas 8 librarians for one year, two hundred community participants.
Respondent 16
In 2007, the OSU Library collaborated with Stillwater Public Library on an NEA grant for The Big Read. Fifteen
public events were held over the course of six weeks with a total attendance of 1492. The public events included
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