SPEC Kit 312: Public Engagement · 59
giveaways. Very well attended year after year.
Respondent 24
Noontime lectures/workshops: length of program activity and number of participants.
Research residency program: length of program activity and number of applicants.
Respondent 25
Offering library instruction and orientation to classes of local high school students. The demand for these sessions
outweighs the resources we have available to devote to them. Many of our liaison librarians are involved in
delivering the instruction sessions.
Inviting members of the community to library events such as a Parent Night or launch of a digitization project which
is of interest to certain members of the community.
Offering orientation sessions to local high school teacher librarians.
Respondent 26
Our ecuip Digital Library, which is a part of the CUIP (Chicago Public Schools/University of Chicago Internet
Project), has helped to bring resources and training to the Chicago Public School System, and particularly the school
in the area of the university. Digital collections and teaching guides have been built that directly supplement the
CPS curriculum. The project has been ongoing for 11 years.
Respondent 27
Program is too strong of a word.
Respondent 28
Program on Health Care in conjunction with Poudre Valley Health District: 500+ attendees. Tie in with PBS
Frontline Series Sick in America.
Writers on the Plains author series about the West. Average 150+ attendees to lecture series events. Partnered
with area public libraries, and writing workshops held in conjunction with programming.
Water Tables: fundraiser for Water Resources Archives. Themed reception and dinner.
Respondent 29
Serving community and distant members of the LDS Church who engage in genealogical research. The library uses
over 200 volunteers to staff the Family History Center two Sundays each and has done so for over three decades.
Service to community patrons represents the majority of reference activity in this unit.
Digitization program conducted in partnership with the Family History Library of the LDS Church has resulted in
hundreds of family and county history books being digitized and made available to church members and friends of
other genealogical enthusiasts worldwide. Web site statistics consistently show this to be the highest used digital
collection of the library.
A year-long exhibition of brass plates used in Ancient Rome. The exhibit was developed by the library’s Exhibition
Manager, but those who visited the exhibit during its 12 month run were community patrons.
Respondent 30
Since 2006, the WSU Libraries’ Chapbook Literacy Project (CLP) has worked with metro Detroit area school
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