SPEC Kit 312: Public Engagement · 49
opening of The Irving K. Barber Learning Centre itself.
We have assessed the K-16 initiative at University Park receiving very positive feedback and ideas for further
development of the program.
We have done usability studies and focus groups with K-12 teachers to evaluate our digital offerings.
We will assess the success of the outreach to K-12 schools, university fraternities and sororities, alumni, and other
colleges at the university.
Successes of Public Engagement Activities
25. Please describe up to three public engagement activities or programs that you believe have
been the most successful at your library. Please note your criteria for judging success, e.g., length
of program activity, development of campus or community partnerships, number of librarians
involved, number of community participants, public recognition and awards, success in attracting
external funding, positive public relations, impact on student learning. N=40
Respondent 1
Get Graphic: The World in Words and Pictures, 2007–2009. Partnership with the Buffalo &Erie County Public
Library and several other partners including Buffalo public schools, Albright Knox Art Gallery, BOCES, Buffalo News,
Hein Publishing, UB Department of Library &Information Science, and more. Community-wide, two-year project
designed to introduce teens, parents, librarians &teachers to the literary form of Graphic Novels. Funded by the NY
State Library Family Literacy Program ($95,000). Includes author visits, creation of book kits for use in classrooms,
workshops for librarians and teachers, art and writing workshops and contests for teens, creation and publication
of a local Graphic Novel created by teens. Rise in borrowing of graphic novels from libraries is some evidence of
success level of participation by teens is also evidence of success. Another success indicator is integration of graphic
novels in classes.
New York Go Local Project. Goal of project is to connect consumers with LOCAL health resources and services in
their own communities. Funded by NLM, the program links the Medlineplus database to the expertise and local
health information resources managed by public, academic, and health science libraries and consortia. Links are
developed from Medlineplus topic Web pages to local services and resources. The New York Go Local project is a
consortial effort among two library resources councils (Western New York and Rochester), academic health sciences
libraries, public libraries, hospital libraries. Funding is presently from NLM, NY State Library. Project has started
recently and is in early stages.
HUBNET: Hospitals and University at Buffalo Library Resource Network. The organization and array of databases,
electronic journals and books, etc. Jointly licensed by UB and affiliated teaching hospitals to support health
professionals working in clinical settings. Also included Information Delivery Service. Overseen by the Library
Consortium of Health Institutions in Buffalo (3 permanent staff). Director of UB Health Sciences Library and hospital
library directors serve on a Coordinating Committee. Funding is from participating hospitals, UB Health Sciences
Schools and Libraries. Total local annual budget is $1.25 million. Has received the needed funding since 1982. S
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