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Natural Resources, Veterinary Medicine, Education) with a particularly strong culture of outreach have awarded
sabbaticals that assume an outcome that will include public engagement activities. To date, faculty in the library
have not applied for or received sabbatical leaves. OSU-Stillwater Strategic Plan Goal Two. Student Success and
Development Recruit, retain, and graduate students in a supportive environment that encourages excellence,
prepares them for careers, enriches personal growth, fosters discovery of knowledge, and promotes leadership
and service. Goal Three. Engagement and Outreach Enhance the quality of life in Oklahoma by contributing
to the human, economic, and cultural development of Oklahomans. The introduction to the OSU System Strategic
plan states: “The distinguishing attribute of land grant research institutions has been the willingness to extend
resources and expertise beyond the campus and to engage the larger community, be it local, state, national, or
global. Successful engagement requires the full integration of teaching, research, and outreach to foster even more
productive and timely involvement in meeting the needs of the community. Rather than the traditional one-way
process of transferring and applying knowledge to serve constituents, future engagement will require a two-way
process characterized by mutual respect, sharing, and reciprocity.”
The Scholarship of Engagement is articulated here as “Service” or “Community Service.” This is one of three primary
criteria for promotion/tenure of faculty. The University at Buffalo also has a Vice President for External Affairs. Our
university motto/slogan is now “Reaching Others” and this is articulated in the local, regional, and global contexts.
The university has put together several task forces over the years to determine how best to provide support. It
seems that faculty are rewarded with sabbaticals and points towards tenure.
The university provides seminars, training, and professional development, and some funding opportunities for
faculty pursuing scholarship of engagement. See note above regarding “Communication 9” document regarding
tenure and promotion.
The university recently approved a cross-disciplinary minor in Civic Engagement, so institutional support for the
scholarship of engagement may increase in the future.
The university refers to this concept as “social embeddedness.” They’ve funded related research in areas such
as economics, diversity, education, etc. Social embeddedness is core to the development of ASU as the New
American University. Social embeddedness is a university-wide, interactive, and mutually supportive partnership
with the communities of Arizona. Truly reciprocal partnerships with the communities of Arizona demand informed
expectations of real outcomes and benefits. A shared responsibility for these outcomes and benefits will lead to
positive social change in the community and in the research, teaching, and service practices of ASU.
There is significant support for public engagement of a variety of kinds through faculty, student, and staff programs.
It is an integral part of the Catholic mission of the university. Funding and or scholarships may be offered as
appropriate. Dedication and accomplishment in service is recognized through award programs to individuals on an
annual basis and may be a portion of an academic sabbatical but is only a limited element in promotion/tenure and
usually as a part of the service element, not the academic elements of the position.
UBC Trek 2010 (UBC strategic plan) vision: Community and Internationalization are two of the 5 pillars. The
consultation process is underway for renewal of the UBC Strategic Plan along with consultations on the UBC
Aboriginal Strategic Plan and other plans. See also the UBC Learning Exchange mandate. Note: The Faculty
Association Conditions of Appointment agreement is not explicit on public engagement activities.
University has a division of Outreach, headed by a Vice-President. According to its Web site, “Penn State Outreach is
proud to hold the distinction of being the largest unified outreach in American higher education.”
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