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Respondent 38
Volunteer Voices: a federally funded grant that allowed for a state wide digitization project that provides access
to primary sources that document Tennessee History and Culture: Criteria for judging success: collaborative project
with historical societies, libraries, museums, and schools. Contributing to educational mission of K-12 schools
throughout the state.
Ready for the World Grant that allowed for the development of a traveling exhibit that highlighted 75 hears of
Highlander History. Sub title: Working for Democracy and Justice in Appalachia and the South. Exhibit was on
display for a semester-long stay in the library. Speakers and films dealt with important societal issues. Exhibit current
travels around the United States.
Arrowmont Project: Great Smoky Mountains Regional Project: Federal Grant to build a searchable digital collection
of letters, diaries, and photographs of the Arrowmont Settlement School. Success of project is the historical
contribution to material that could be lost if not digitized.
Respondent 39
We are involved, in tandem with the School of Education, in the Words Take Wing program, a celebration of the
diversity of children’s literature and the writers and artists who create it. This program brings 2,000+ children,
grades 4–9 to campus.
For the past two years, UC Davis has been involved in a grant partnership with the California State Library in which
we are working on digitizing important California publications.
Respondent 40
Yorkwrites has been a successful event for bringing influential members of the community into the Libraries for an
event that showcases York publication research and creative work.
High School Classes have been well received.
ACE program. We have high school student working within the library system in various departments. This program
exposes high school students to a university course and a part-time job at the university. The goal is to ease
transition to university and encourage local students to consider university as an option, when they otherwise might
not, due to financial constraints or other factors. Also includes a bursary program.
Challenges of Public Engagement Activities
26. Please describe up to three significant challenges to library involvement in public engagement
activities, either at the library, campus, or community level. N=39
Challenge 1
Challenge 2
Challenge 3
Availability of staff resources and
funding resources
Cost increases, constant, for STM
resources (for Hubnet)
Different platforms for presentation of
digital resources
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