SPEC Kit 312: Public Engagement · 61
Respondent 34
The Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, including the Gala Opening, Webcasts, Robson Reading Series, BC History
Digitization Program, Physiotherapy Outreach Program, etc. IKBLC has generated positive public relations, engaged
students in learning, connecting them and off-campus users and communities with lifelong learning opportunities.
The completion of this magnificent building provides the opportunity for offering many different community
programs which are now evolving in consultation with the community.
The Xwi7xwa Library as a unique program on campus, in Canada and in the community: service-centered,
interdisciplinary, connected to aboriginal peoples and organizations scholarship centered.
Chinese History project: Historical Chinese Language Materials in British Columbia: an Electronic Inventory. A
community-focused project, with research and community advisory members, including community organizations,
families and individuals.
Respondent 35
The SPIRIT (School Partnerships in Research and Information Technology) program teaches information literacy
skills and helps students thrive academically throughout their educational career. This successful 10-year program is
run by the Libraries’ Department of Education and Outreach and targets local K-12 communities.
Literary Orange 2009 is Orange County’s premier literary event, where authors, passionate readers and committed
libraries join together for a day-long celebration of literature in all its guises. The annual event allows attendees and
fans the opportunity to engage with an array of authors, have their books signed, ask questions, and learn more
about the writing and publishing processes.
Respondent 36
UCSB Reads: Each year, this award-winning program engages our broad and diverse community in a series of
conversations, lectures, readings, displays, and other activities that explore interdisciplinary issues sparked by the
selected read. Copies of the book are distributed free to interested students, and faculty members are encouraged
to incorporate the book into their class curricula. Program has been in place for 3 years: in 2008, was winner of the
John Cotton Dana Library Award.
Respondent 37
University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension faculty and staff members have access to a wide range of library
and media resources for use in their research and programming. In addition to research materials, the Libraries
support the outreach and research efforts of the UW Extension faculty and staff by providing research and
instructional assistance as needed. The Libraries dedicate a half-time position to furthering these efforts.
Through a number of campus initiatives, librarians provide instruction and library orientations to groups at the
middle school and high school levels. These initiatives are generally designed to provide students with pre-collegiate
experiences designed to inspire and create awareness of the benefits of higher education. Among these initiatives
are the People Program, College for Kids, and the EMERGE program. In addition to on campus programs, librarians
have done presentations for dozens of schools throughout the state.
The University Libraries are actively working to digitize and make available materials from the Libraries, Archives,
and Special Collections. This work is undertaken locally by our Digital Collections Center, and also via formal
partnerships and initiatives with Google, IMLS, LSTA and others. Making these materials available worldwide is an
extension of the Wisconsin Idea. Use of these collections has grown exponentially since the inception of the UW
Digital Collections Center in 2003.
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