SPEC Kit 312: Public Engagement · 45
Digital Library of Georgia Director, Reference Librarian responsible for outreach to the College of Education
Ex officio members of the Exhibitions Committee, Special Collections Librarians
Government Documents Librarian and Head of Archives and Special Collections
Government Documents, Instruction
Instruction Librarians, Head of Government Documents, and in some cases, the Reference Department
Library Development Office has helped organize a program called Literary Orange. Some subject librarians
participate in various public engagement and professional development activities for K-12 students and teachers.
Others have informal involvement with public engagement groups such as the social Science Cafe.
Library Public Relations is involved with public engagement. Africana has a long history of public engagement.
Government Information provides public engagement. Recently the university started an annual “Communiversity
Day” for public engagement, and several library departments participate.
Most library faculty have outreach activities as part of their job responsibilities.
Our Multicultural Studies Librarian does a significant amount of public engagement approximately 15% of her job.
Preservation officer, agriculture librarian, government documents librarians
Reference and Instruction, Special Collections, and Public Relations officer assume responsibility for many
community engagement activities.
Reference Librarians
Several liaison librarians include informal involvement with public engagement programs such as the regional
health, technology, business, and local landscape and regional planning projects.
Special Collections, University Archivist, government documents specialist, head of Office of Disability Services
(strong outreach to local community), campus head librarians, preservation librarian
Staff in Office of Director of Libraries
Staff in the Special Collections and Archives are also very involved with community engagement activities.
Subject Specialist Librarians, Information Literacy Librarians, Bioinformatics Librarian, Special Collections and
University Archives Librarians
The Health Sciences Librarian coordinates participates in Medline’s Go Local partnership and provides all
information for our region of the country.
UCSB Reads program
We have many examples of liaison librarians who participate in community engagement programs partnering with
the colleges they support, without it being in their official position description. One such example are our health
sciences librarians working with the College of Nursing’s Evidence Based Practice Mentorship program for nurses
and nurse educators from across the country.
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