SPEC Kit 312: Public Engagement · 25
Public Affairs but most faculties, including the library, do their own thing.
Public Goods Council
The McMaster Office of Community Service Learning and Civic Engagement
The Office of Outreach coordinates and promotes public engagement activities for the institution, working in
collaboration with the Faculty Senate University Service, Public Service and Outreach Council.
The Office of University Initiatives coordinates the university’s “Social Embeddedness” activities, and opportunities
for the community to engage with the university are found at a newly released Web site.
UC Davis University Outreach and International Programs
University Relations
Vice President for External Affairs
Vice President for Public Service and Outreach
VP External, Legal and Community Relations. See also: The Irving K. Barber Learning Centre Charter. See also: UBC
Okanagan Campus, Kelowna, BC.
We have an organizational entity (Center for Educational Partnerships) that promotes K-12 partnerships, but this
group does not coordinate all types of public engagement activities.
7. If yes, is the library represented on that entity (or a sub-group)? Check all that apply. N=30
Yes, on the main committee/center/institute 7 23%
Yes, on a sub-committee or sub-group, e.g., Committee on Cultural Engagement 9 30%
No 16 53%
If the library is represented on a sub-committee/group, please identify it.
“Campus Communications Committee.” All units who have contact with the public meet occasional to discuss
what’s going on.
2009 Public Engagement Symposium and Technology Showcase
A communications committee
Arts &Culture Round Table
Faculty Fellow on Baker Center for Public Policy Librarian has appointment to the Academic Outreach and
Engagement Council.
Indirectly, e.g., First Nations House of Learning Xwi7xwa Library through Director (on Aboriginal Strategic
Planning Development Working Group). The Irving K. Barber Learning Centre is in the process of forming an
advisory committee, with members from the UBC community, as well as community organizations and individual
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