38 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
Programming Librarian
It would be shared between the Library Director, Assistant/Associate University Librarians, Department Heads, and
the Instruction Services staff.
Library Director, AULs, Exhibits and Outreach Library, other library unit directors, development officer all have
significant aspects of this.
Religion/Family History Subject Librarian
The following should be checked: Office of Public Affairs/Development/Advancement, An individual with formal
responsibilities for one or more public engagement programs, Department Head.
There is no assigned individual or group who develops public engagement program. We work under an ad hoc
Various library faculty in Reference and Preservation
17. If your library has (or has had) positions with formal responsibilities for public engagement
programs (e.g., Community Engagement Librarian, K-12 Outreach Librarian, Extension Librarian),
please indicate how many positions have these responsibilities and list up to three of the position
titles. N=32
Positions Position 1 Title
Position 2 Title
Position 3 Title
1 Co-director, Digital
Library Development
1 Associate Director for
Instruction and Outreach
1 Marketing and Outreach
1 Officer for Outreach and
1 Community Outreach
Services Librarian
1 Formerly Outreach, now
titled Planning and
Promotions Librarian
1 Events &
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