SPEC Kit 335: Digital Image Collections and Services · 55
NEH grant for a play/teacher guide related to Kent State Shootings May 4 Digital Archive is being used.
Newspapers for Chronicling America
Our Data Curation Program provides data management and data storage solutions to a variety of disciplines in the
humanities, sciences and social sciences.
Profiles in Science uses digitized analog and born-digital images from the history of science and medicine. Turning
the Pages uses collections of digitized images from rare books and manuscripts. Education Resources from the HMD
Exhibition Program uses images from the history of medicine to enhance education modules.
Roman de la Rose digital library image tagging, course titled, “Collecting Hopkins” based on our images from a Mark
Dion public art project. We believe there are others but we don’t have the data at our fingertips to extrapolate.
Scottish Studies materials, L.M. Montgomery, theatre collections, agricultural history, landscape architecture
SCRC/DLI project: Website that offers primary source material and historical context/lesson plans, etc.
Seward Paper Project
Special collections
The Colorado Coal Collection, a multimedia archive of images, video, and text documenting mining history in Colorado,
is currently being digitized. The digital collection will be used by students to create a documentary on the subject. The
Special Collections department is digitizing volumes for a history of medicine class. Students are using/citing these
sources in their papers. Special Collections digitized a collection of Women Poets of the Romantic Period. A literature
class used the materials in a website project.
The digitization of Special Collections materials support wider teaching and research initiatives at the university. Digital
Library Services and Special Collections units have digitized a large number of unique holdings and have plans to
develop more digital projects in the near future. Concrete examples of this are digital images from the Modern Graphic
History Library supporting work in the Sam Fox School of Art and digitized manuscripts written by Gass and Merrill
supporting work in the humanities.
The libraries have collaborated with several units within the College of Arts &Sciences to host digital exhibits
commemorating historical events of community and research interest, e.g., 50th anniversary of civil rights sit-ins. The
libraries have also collaborated with a photography class to create and house a repository of images. The libraries
provided instruction on creating metadata and digital rights issues as well as hosting the images. We have also created
a crowd-sourcing project for transcribing the digitized text of a local, African American newspaper.
The university and the library are pursuing Open Education Resources, as well as supporting bibliographies that
incorporate social media and data visualization.
The university has many current grant projects including some supporting innovative practices using and manipulating
images, some for digitization and digital curation of materials, and some for the creation of new works of scholarship
and integration with research and teaching using digital images. There’s another current grant on Teaching Resources
Digital Collection for a repository of teaching materials. These current grants are in addition to ongoing, programmatic
work to support and integrate library work and collections with research and teaching.
The Virtual Museum of the Holocaust and the Resistance is one such project.
The Wetlands Digital Collection, curated by the library’s Image Collections &Services department, is a repository of
research documents, images, maps, and other materials related to the campus wetlands. This is the primary research
collection for the wetlands, and is used in faculty research and teaching.
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