SPEC Kit 335: Digital Image Collections and Services · 37
If you selected “Other activity” above, please specify the activity. N=10
Alabama Digital Preservation Network is a LOCKSS-based system for collaborative bit-level preservation of partners’
Asset management, storage
Harvest and host metadata records preserve images and metadata.
OAI harvesting into specialized and general systems such as OCLC Worldcat, PRL (PRDLA archive).
Our library subscribes to ARTstor and Shared Shelf, but we offer it simply as a service. Library-owned collections are not
placed there.
Promotion, outreach, integration with research and teaching.
Special Collections provides duplication services and retains resulting image files. Special Collections acquires and
ingests donated born digital images.
The library participates in ARTstor to which partners contribute cataloging and metadata as well as images however the
library creates its own cataloging and metadata for nearly all other images.
We collaborate with the Digital Library of Georgia (DLG). The DLC harvests our metadata and links to our digital images.
If you selected “Other consortial partner(s)” above, please specify the partner and briefly describe
their responsibility. N=13
ARTstor is a noncommercial digital library combining collections from its partners, all of which are nonprofit
organizations or institutions.
Digital Library of Georgia.
Google, during participation in their book scanning project.
Individual libraries within partnership are responsible for rights management of their collections.
International with the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC www.dloc.com) where all partners contribute by
digitization/born-digital curation, metadata, governance, training, etc. Additional partners collaborate on specific
projects, for specific materials and with UF as the technical host partner.
John Carter Brown Library (independent library on the Brown University campus) shares its digital image collections
with the Brown University Library.
Kentucky Digital Library hosts a consortial repository of KY related images.
Library of Congress National Digital Newspaper Project: Chronicling America is the host for Hawaii newspapers digitized
in the project, UH hosts a smaller (PDF-only) version of the files see above answer for other partner activities.
Local consortium (Five Colleges Consortium, a mix of public and private institutions, large and small schools within a
few miles of one another).
National consortia are Shared Shelf and Sahara.
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