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Preservation Plan for Digital Images
Preservation -UA Libraries Digital Services Planning and Documentation
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1 University of Alabama Libraries Digital Services
1.1 Preservation Plan for Digital Materials
1.2 Division of Digital Content
1.3 Committed to sustain access
1.4 Migration Support
1.5 Emulation Support
1.6 Bit-Level Preservation
1.7 Annual Review
1.8 Long Term Retention
1.9 Local Backups
1.10 Descriptive Metadata
University of Alabama Libraries Digital Services
Digital content is inherently fragile. It is easily corrupted, damaged, changed, or deleted.
Hence, access to important digital content must be controlled. If what we are protecting is the historical
record, change to the original content must be prevented.
Even running a virus checker across content can change it. Opening a file can change it. Moving a file
from one media to another can change it.
How do we protect and preserve our unique, fragile, historical documents?
How do we make them accessible, both today, and in the future? The whole point of preservation is
support of long-term access.
Incoming digital content adds another layer of issues to these two questions:
1. We may not know who or what has touched this content before we receive it, so we may be
unable to guarantee its authenticity
2. It is likely not yet in archival format, and may not be of archival quality
3. It may not be in formats or on media with which we are familiar, or for which we have hardware or
4. It may contain information that needs to be redacted or controlled, due to intellectual property
rights, copyright, privacy issues, computer viruses, or other issues
5. It may contain information the donor did not intend for us to have
6. We may have little or no information about the content.
Read more about our processes for incoming digital content here: Managing_Incoming_Digital_Content
Preservation Plan for Digital Materials
The University of Alabama (UA) Libraries preserve selected digital content for long-term access support.
Our highest level of attention and support is given to content selected for digitization from UA Libraries
Special Collections. Other research materials are assigned preservation strategies at appropriate levels
based on file formats and perceived needs of our designated audience, the faculty and students of the
University of Alabama.
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