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Keyword search does not support Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT). However, entering a multiple keyword search will work like Boolean AND. Results will be
returned only when ALL of the keywords appear.
Searching is not case sensitive. For example, searching for 'dancers solomon islands' or 'DANCERS SOLOMON ISLANDS' will yield the same results.
Very common words (a, and, the, do, of, etc.) are ignored.
Results are sorted by relevance and the scoring of a result depends on a number of factors:
The more times a search term appears the higher the score. Also matches on rarer terms count more than matches on common terms.
If there are multiple terms in a query, the more terms that match, the higher the score.
The Advanced Search option is available from the home page and every results page.
About Advanced Search:
User can determine which Boolean operator to apply in search:
Find all words (AND)
Find any word (OR)
Without these words (NOT)
Supports limiting search to specific fields: title, name/creator or topic or expanding search to keyword (title, name/creator, topic and notes).
Supports searching full text (when available).
Supports searching all collections or narrowing to a specific collection or multiple collections using check-boxes.
Can I narrow my search results more than once?
Yes. As you can see below, on your search results page, the plus symbol in the Narrow Your Results box allows you to see all possible terms by which you can narrow
a search. For example, if you click on the plus symbol next to Topic you will see topics assigned to the items in your search results. To narrow the result set, choose the
topics of interest by clicking the box next to each topic and then complete your selection by clicking on the blue Find button at the bottom of the box. Note that you can
see all of the topics associated with your result set by clicking on the highlighted Choose more.... You may at any time select additional terms or deselect terms for your
results, but always complete your selection by clicking on the blue Find button at the bottom of the box.
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