SPEC Kit 335: Digital Image Collections and Services · 43
Digital Library Technologies Unit, Visual Resource Center
Digital Projects Librarian at main library: responsible for locally created digital collections. Architecture and Art Librarian:
responsible for commercial databases of images and some locally created collections.
Digital Services and Web Services. Former responsible for digitization and metadata, latTer responsible for repository
Digital services in the library, as well as our Special Collections and Oral History collections. We also have two branch
libraries that fit this category, Architecture and Veterinary Medicine.
General reference and Special Collections and Archives public services staff provide support in use of these resources.
History of Medicine Division provides the primary service point for the digital image resources at the NLM with the
Images in the History of Medicine database. We are currently exploring the use of the NLM Digital Repository for the
preservation and possible access support for digital still and moving images.
MAGIS is part of the Government Documents &Maps Department, which has its own reference point in the main
Main patron access point is the service desk in the Visual Resources Collection located in the Robert B. Haas Family
Arts Library. Library staff in other units routinely refer patron questions regarding digital image use in the Arts and
Humanities to the Visual Resources Collection manager some image reference questions are handled by other reference
Many players potentially all public service points and many internal units.
Most analog to digital project to date managed by staff in Special Collections and Archives and University Libraries
Systems units.
Most image collections are created and managed by a centralized group in the Digitization Centre (part of the Digital
Initiatives portfolio) but some other units also create and provide access to image collections, for example, in University
Archives and Art, Architecture and Planning.
No dedicated service point
Our Art librarian within the University Library, the staff of the Humanities Division’s Visual Resource Center, campus IT
Our facility is a branch library. Within the main library our Special Collections &Archives unit works independently to
manage its own digital assets.
Our special collections is the service point and it is located in the Science Library Building.
Rare Books &Special Collections, Digital Humanities, Art/Music Library, Visual Resources Collection (housed in the
library, but part of the Department of Art &Art History).
Reference departments support use of licensed electronic databases, librarian selectors “curate” content and use of
subject/area specific local image databases.
Reference Services, Course Reserves, GIS data lab
Research &Outreach Services (ROS) department (especially the subject librarian for art), Digital Production Services unit
Scholarly Communication Center, Special Collections, Institute of Jazz Studies
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