190 · Representative Documents: Managing Digital Assets
Digital Project Support Framework
6.4 Digital Library
As part of their ongoing efforts to support education and scholarship, Washington
University is building a core Digital Library that includes digitized versions of materials
already held by the Libraries, some scholarly digital work created by faculty, and
possibly other licensed resources. The central Digital Library will adopt an appropriate
digital asset management system that stores collections, includes metadata that describe
them, manages access to these collections, and facilitates delivery to users. It will present
and provide access to content across many format types through a single web-based
point-of-access site. A central digital production facility will ensure ease of digital
creation workflow, conformity to accepted standards, and inclusion in the Digital Library.
The University will adopt guidelines for digital projects and a procedure for the
development of digital projects including intellectual property issues, creation of
metadata, and production support.
6.5 Alternative Digital Services
The Digital Library will be an excellent resource for many members of the university
community who are looking to digitize collections. It is important to note, though, that
other options, such as building a project whose content is housed on an external server
and whose presentation interface is housed on a school server, may better meet the
scholarly needs of some researchers. These decisions are best made on a case by case
basis after consulting with members of the digital community, such as Digital library
Services or the Humanities Digital Workshop.
6.6 The Digital Project Web Portal
Finally, the University will create a digital project web portal that links to all
sponsored digital projects on campus. The portal can also include important information
such as policy documents and news announcements about digital work at the University.
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