42 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
11. What service points support the use of digital image databases/resources at your institution?
Check all that apply. N=80
Specialized unit located in the main library 50 63%
Specialized unit located in a branch or subject library 37 46%
Specialized unit located in a department/faculty 19 24%
No dedicated service unit 17 21%
Other service point(s) 16 20%
Please briefly describe the service point(s) you selected above. N=52
Accessible via Internet from any location.
AKDC in located within Specialized Content and Services division of Rotch Library (architecture). Our other service point
is located with our endowing organization, Aga Khan Trust for Culture.
All service points provide service to digital images and databases, based on the researcher’s need, although Special
Collections is probably the most prominent user and contributor. All actual digitization and reformatting is performed by
our Digital Conversion and Media Reformatting unit within our Information Technology Division.
All service points provide support for general image collections, e.g., Colourbox.
Archives and Records Management department Scholarly Communication and Digital Curation department Collections
Acquisitions and Management department Collection Development department.
Art history manages “slide library,” no dedicated unit in the library.
Art/Architecture branch library CDRS Services
Both main and branch libraries support the use of digital image databases/resources, but no specialized units within
them. Chiefly this happens through the reference desk and Ask-a-Librarian services, as well as a research guide on
finding images.
Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning, University Information Technology Services help desks.
Clemons Library has the Robertson Media Center, which collects and manages the video collections, including
streaming video.
Dedicated staff at multiple libraries
Digital Collections Center in main library is responsible for creation, metadata, hosting, and access.
Digital Initiatives is a unit located in the main library that serves both internal library units and their scanning needs and
external faculty and other campus units.
Digital Library Services Unit
Digital Library Services, the Art &Architecture Library, and the Visual Resources Center are the main services points
supporting the use of digital images.
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