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FAQs. Images from the History of Medicine (IHM)
IHM FAQs -National Library of Medicine (U.S.). History of Medicine Division
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First published: 22 April 2009
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How can I resize thumbnail images?
How can I make large thumbnail images larger for detail viewing?
How do I add annotations to an image in Detail View?
What are my options for viewing images?
What information is available about an image?
What does the resolution size number mean in the record?
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The Workspace
What is the Workspace?
How do I add an image to my Workspace?
How do I know that an image has been successfully added to my Workspace?
Why do I only see one image at a time in my Workspace even though I added several?
How do I manipulate the images in my Workspace?
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Printing and Downloading Images
How do I print my search results?
I don't see a Printer Friendly link on the page. What do I do?
How do I download a JPEG file?
After I downloaded the image I discovered it was a zip file. What is this and how do I open the image?
I tried to print from my browser window or by right mouse clicking and all I got was a black box or my data was not clear. What
Where can I find information on the size of the image if I don't have Adobe® Photoshop® or other imaging software?
How can I use the images that I download?
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Media Groups
What is a Media Group?
How do I create a Media Group?
How do I add images to my Media Group?
How do I work with a Media Group?
Can others view my Media Group?
How do I use my Media Group in a PowerPoint® presentation?
How do I share my Media Group with others?
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Ordering Images and Finding Copyright Information
How do I obtain high resolution (TIFF) images for print publication?
How do I locate copyright information for an image?
I want to use an image for a research paper. Do I need to obtain permission from the Library?
I’m publishing an image from IHM. Do I need to give credit to the Library?
Does the Library charge fees for using images?
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Technical Information
What browsers support IHM?
What are the system requirements for using IHM?
How do I report an error I found on IHM?
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