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Georgia Tech Archives and Records Management Collection Development Policy
Faculty Publications
The Archives collects faculty publications. For electronic publications, please see
SMARTech http://smartech.gatech.edu.
Records Management
The Records Management Division stores inactive departmental records, the retention of
which is required to meet legal and/or fiscal directives. All records created by Georgia
Tech are assigned a retention schedule in accordance with the University System of
Georgia's Records Retention Guidelines.
Sponsored Research
The Archives collects sponsored research reports. For electronic reports, please see
SMARTech http://smartech.gatech.edu.
Languages Collected and Excluded
English by far predominates, but materials in foreign languages are not excluded.
Donations to the Archives
The Georgia Tech Archives &Special Collections accepts donations from academic
departments, faculty, staff, students, and alumni, as well as outside organizations and
individuals. The department’s archivists review items offered for donation for their
relevance to the collection, preservation and maintenance concerns, and uniqueness. The
size, organization, and physical condition of materials are a major consideration in
acquisition, because each involves resource commitments. Due to space restrictions, the
Archives cannot accept everything it is offered, nor can the Department make guarantees
about exhibition or digitization of materials.
The Archives always seeks additional materials related to its current holdings. As the
Archives has a very limited budget for purchasing materials, almost all such acquisitions
are by gift.
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