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UBC Library -Digital Collection Development Policy Last revised October 6, 2010
Digitization Strategy Vision
The University of British Columbia Library is a collaborator and leader in the creation, access and preservation
of digital materials. The Library’s digital initiatives embrace new technology, methods of access, workflows and
preservation strategies while building sustainable digital collections to support and enrich the educational, cultural
and economic endeavors of the University, the People of British Columbia and communities beyond.
In considering materials for UBC Library digital collections some broad areas should be considered priorities:
British Columbiana, materials which directly support the curriculum, Faculty and Student research output, the
material record of the University, and those materials which are considered to be rare or unique.
Collection Review Criteria and Questions
1. Does the material have intrinsic value to current students, researchers or the broader community?
2. Is the material something already collected by the Library does it deepen, broaden or enhance a current
collection? Does it build on a current digital collection?
3. Does the material reside in a collection area that is weak or non-existent and does it offer potential research
value for possible future programs at the University?
4. Does the material offer possibilities for funding, creating partnerships and collaborations which in themselves
strengthen the Library in some way?
5. Is the material likely to be transitory in its current format? E.g. print, audio tape, video tape, cd-rom, dvd, data
sets, film, etc. Would digitizing it create value for future research?
1. Does the material support the teaching and research functions of the institution?
2. Does the material support teaching and research within the province?
3. Does the material support broader teaching and research initiatives?
4. What is the likely demand for the material?
1. By reformatting (print, audio tape, video etc.) or placing material in repositories is access broadened? E.g.
better metadata for subject access etc.
2. Is material that is fragile in the current format (print, audio, cd, dvd, film) likely to be used more in a digital
Policy Standards Equipment Project Planning Toolkit
The Digital Initiatives Unit is a
key part of the Library’s effort to
adapt to the evolving needs of
faculty and students and to
support teaching, research and
learning at UBC. Our goal is to
create sustainable, world-class
programs and processes to make
the collections and research at
UBC available to the world and to
ensure the authentic, long-term
preservation of these digital
holdings for the future.
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