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Digital Collection Services
Also, see Digital Humanities support.
The DLC provides a variety of services for developing, managing, and promoting archival and scholarly assets.
Digital Collection Support: Hosting &Customization
Creation, hosting, support, and stewardship of digital objects and collections within the UF Digital Collections
All collections are:
Full text searchable
Browseable -with browse views by title and thumbnail, and by new items
Serve text, image, multimedia, audio, video files, data sets, and more within the same collection
Support for multiple file types (text, image, oversized images, video, audio)
Powered by rich metadata support, with automatic transformations for maximum interoperability
Customization of collections
Customized collection pages and supplemental pages
Customized interfaces (e.g. dLOC and Matheson Historical Museum)
Collections benefit from central infrastructure -new technologies are added for all (e.g. map search using the Google
Maps API)
Internationalized/localized interfaces in English, Spanish, and French
All records are open and fully available for download and use under the terms of Creative Commons CC0.
Open Archives Initiative (OAI) compliant
UFDC supports the OAI protocol for metadata harvesting (OAI-PMH). OAI allows anyone to obtain records from
UFDC for inclusion in their collections. The base URL is: http://ufdc.ufl.edu/sobekcm_oai.aspx?
Using the base URL, you can add OAI verbs and other commands. For example:
Verb: Identify:
Verb: ListMetadataFormats:
Verb: ListSets:
URI's provide unique and constant links ready for bibliographic citation
Records for all collections and items:
available as METS/MODS, MARCXML, and qualified Dublin Core
all formats are accessible online
a batch record feed in MARCXML is available here
all records and feeds include thumbnail icons. Catalogs can show the thumbnails along with records to greatly
assist patrons in browsing and reviewing materials
RSS feeds for all items and all new items
Worldwide reach via Google, Google Scholar, and other search engines
Rooted in providing Open Access to archival and scholarly assets
Notification tools for new content alerts via RSS
Increase archival and scholarly assets' audience and access
Image zoom and pan viewing capabilities
Ability to serve a variety of organizational options for objects including:
hierarchical groupings allowing collocation by Area, topic, and geographical hierarchies for College, Department
monographic, page-turning functionality
multiple files connected to one descriptive record
one item, one record
mapping between various versions of a single work
journal volume, issue, title organization
Broad, internationally applied description methods using METS/MODS Metadata
Ability to apply controlled vocabularies and name headings
Scholarly Publications &Rights management
Journal hosting with Open Journal Systems (OJS), supported through the UF Libraries (more information)
Authors remain the copyright holders
Library requests right to distribute content
Assist with understanding copyright status of work
Creative Commons licensing capabilities
Assist with mandatory deposit of electronic-only publications to the Library of Congress
Digitization of materials held by the Libraries
Digitization equipment operated within a color managed environment for artifactual fidelity:
large format scanner for maps
slide scanner
open book scanner for fragile objects
high speed sheet feed scanner
flat bed scanners
digital photography studio for large or 3-D objects
Digitization experts
Software Suite -the Digitization Toolkit
Customizable Software Toolkit for contributing digitized materials
Digitization manual
Presentation about the Toolkit
Convert traditional publications into digital publications
Provide a means for born digital publication
For other materials: CITT Faculty Media Lab (pricelist)
Digital Curation &Stewardship
Off-Campus Access
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