SPEC Kit 335: Digital Image Collections and Services · 41
Portable hard drives
SobekCM is the open source digital repository and is a shared digital repository, and runs on Open Source software in
addition to being Open Source itself.
Third-party vendor software for online database
We are migrating to DSpace.
Widen Media Collective, Luna Insight, ARTstor
10. Which of the following delivery methods does your library use to provide access to digital image
databases/resources? Check all that apply. N=81
For the purposes of this question in-library access refers to a reading room or other monitored
space online means remote access to materials, i.e., not in a monitored space.
Online access to a digital repository system 74 91%
Online exhibition 61 75%
Database search engine 51 63%
Web site browse/directory 50 62%
Search and discovery layer that allows for searching for images within e-resources 47 58%
Third-party access and delivery system 47 58%
In-library access on dedicated computer workstation 23 28%
Online access to a file space 14 17%
Other delivery method 8 10%
If you selected “Other delivery method” above, please briefly describe the method. N=7
For materials where we have permissions/rights and when needed, materials are also sent to partners who have limited
Internet access via hard drives and DVDs.
Online access to a MySQL-powered open source web-based image database system, “Streetprint” (similar to Omeka).
Products of customer duplication services are delivered via email attachments, DVDs and third party systems such as
Search engine site maps OAI-PMH repository
Several thousand images &metadata posted on Flickr.
Staff members retrieve images from portable media and file drop them to patrons.
The Prints and Photographs Online Catalog (PPOC) covers about 95 percent of the library’s analog and digital images
held in the Prints and Photographs Division. N.B.: The library provides access to some textual content via online access
to a commercial digital repository system (ProQuest, etc.), but has not extended this to access digital image assets.
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