SPEC Kit 335: Digital Image Collections and Services · 49
Subject librarians create web-based tutorials and/or instruction sessions tailored to specific needs of different subject
areas, courses, research projects, etc., and the use of digital image resources is incorporated as appropriate. We do not
do generic workshops/tutorials on the use of digital image resources.
“Web-based tutorials” is taken to mean webcasts of one-time live presentations, made available on the library’s
webcast page.
15. What method does your library use to promote digital image databases/resources? Check all that
apply. N=81
Web page 77 95%
LibGuide 59 73%
Blog 48 59%
Listserv/electronic mail list 32 40%
Newsletter 29 36%
Other method(s) 27 33%
If you selected “Other method(s)” above, please briefly describe the method. N=27
Conference presentation, published articles, Twitter, Facebook, individual reference/instruction interactions
Conference presentations
Database trials, subject librarian targeting specific user groups
Exhibits, press releases, social media
Facebook page (2 responses)
Facebook, Pinterest, Social Pin, Twitter
Facebook, Twitter (2 responses)
Flyers and posters as part of a marketing effort in the library building
Printed ephemera
Promotional materials, print and digital
Public display monitors
Social media and internal training
Social media, e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (2 responses)
Social media, Facebook, Tumblr
Social media, press releases prepared in collaboration with Marketing &Communications
Subject guides, not specifically LibGuide
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