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IOWA cont.
11 Rate for professional &scientific classification .
Library branches included: Iowa State University Library–Parks Library (Main Library),
Veterinary Medical Library, and Special Collections data is also included in this survey.
1 Titles held increased due to the purchase of large e-book backfile collections.
2 One-time adjustment is due to a more accurate count method due to staffing change.
7.a Funds were reallocated in this fiscal year to put towards one-time electronic resource purchases.
7.c In FY 2013, document delivery expenditures were not included in the collections support total
and in FY 2014 it was included.
11 Faculty 31.5% Professional &Scientific 37.8% and Merit 50%.
13.a Decrease in professional staff due to retirements and resignations.
13.b Increase in support staff, FTE due to new hires in the library into support positions.
18 Last year we gave a number that was a reflection of total requests, in FY 2014 it reflected the
number of successful requests.
22 One-time adjustment is due to a more accurate counting method due to staffing change.
Library branches included: Milton S. Eisenhower, Welch, History of Medicine, Friedheim, and
6 Reflects an increase in operating costs from our decentralized environment.
Library branches included: Main campus libraries (Lawrence, KS) and Regents Center Library
(Overland Park, KS).
7.a FY 2014 totals include significantly higher expenditures on major purchases than FY 2013.
7.c In FY 2014, the collections budget took on responsibility for OCLC costs.
8.a, 8.b Change due to campus-wide reclassification of many support staff to professional staff.
10 Includes SS, retirements, leave, insurance, local tax, and parking.
11 Annual fringe percentage is 18.758% plus $6,275 annually for health insurance.
13.a, 13.b Beginning in 2013–2014, we changed the methodology that we use to report professional staff.
Unclassified professional staff are now reported in the support staff category, rather than the
professional staff category. [Lawrence Campus]
16 KU Info stats are not included as in previous years. FY 2013 number for KU Info was 64,500.
18–20 Possible reasons for decline in searches: (1) Usage system errors and/or calculation issues in
prior or current year (2) complications resulting from format change from COUNTER (R3)
to COUNTER (R4) (3) Discovery system reliance on link resolver and link resolver failures
(4) platform and/or interface changes (i.e., CSA Illimina, EBSCO interface October 2013
ProQuest (LAD) platform change to ProQuest (PAM), which was excluded due to overcount (5)
cancellations (6) actual usage declines.
23 Over the past six years we’ve had some graduate class increases and the larger classes are now
finishing their degrees.
Library branches included: Performing Arts, Architecture, Map, and Fashion.
1, 2 Decrease due to weeding activities.
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