118 · ARL Statistics 2013–2014
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TULANE cont.
1 Increase due to retrospective cataloging and bulk loading of records for digital sets.
7.a Increase primarily related to purchase of digital historical collections and some new rare print
8.c Decrease due to decline in student budget.
9 Decrease due to fewer capital purchases (furniture, projects, etc.)
14–15, 17 Decrease may have been influenced by disruption from ongoing library construction.
18 Decrease may reflect increase in discoverability of other kinds of resources.
19, 20 Effect of library website redesign.
23–26, 28, 29 Increase may reflect a mix of institutional growth and changes to how these numbers are
counted by the university’s Office of Institutional Research.
11 Fringe benefits for faculty and staff is 42% and 8% for hourly student employees.
18 Previous years did not count full-text article requests paid for with consortial funding.
24 We suspect an error in previous years reporting for this question. This year’s figure was
captured directly from the university’s Office of Budget and Institutional Analysis.
Library branches included: Central, Divinity, Peabody, Management, Music, Science &
1, 2, 4 Major e-book collections added in FY 2013–2014: EBSCO E-books Academic Collection, updates
to Eighteenth Century Collections Online, additions to Academic Complete, and other smaller
7.a Decrease due to need to cover increases in ongoing resource purchases.
10 Includes health plan, life insurance, disability insurance, retirement plan, tuition assistance,
vacation and sick leave.
13 Includes Dean’s Fellows. Should have been 162 last year.
13.a Should have been 75 professional staff last year. Decrease due to unfilled vacancies.
13.b Includes new Dean’s Fellow Positions. Should have been 69 support staff last year.
13.c Should have been 18 students last year.
16 Lacking data from one library in 2012–2013: number should have been 13,257.
18, 19 Better counting mechanism.
20 Students prefer discovery layer instead of federated search.
23 Included 20 Nursing DNP’s last year.
Library branches included: Astronomy, Brown Science and Engineering, Chemistry, Clemons,
Education, Fine Arts, Math, Music, Physics, and Ivy. [University Library]
1 This year, we included titles for our digital collections. These titles are not countable in our SIRSI
counts (the title counts used for past years). The digital collections titles are available in our
public catalog. [University Library]
18 The figure given is for all article requests, including Darden, Health, Law, and Special
Collections. They all share the same public interface. [University Library]
20 We do not track federated searches. [University Library]
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