94 · ARL Statistics 2013–2014
Question Number Footnote
7.a The increase in spending on one-time resources reflects purchase of major special collections,
including the papers of poet Gwendolyn Brooks.
7.b The decrease in spending for ongoing resources reflects an adjustment in our reporting. We no
longer include recurring costs for non-collection items from this category.
8.a Includes faculty, academic professionals, and pre-professional graduate assistants.
8.b Includes permanent staff and temporary extra help employees.
8.c Includes undergraduate students, grad hourly, and academic hourly employees. The decrease
compared to FY 2013 reflects the reallocation of funds from temporary hourly positions to
permanent civil service and academic professional positions.
11 Editor’s Note: Published figure reflects the official designated percent for the Law Library, as
this is the maximum value entered for this question.
12, 20 This information is not available.
13.a Includes faculty, academic professionals, and graduate assistants.
13.b Includes permanent civil service staff only.
13.c Includes undergraduate students, grad hourly, and academic hourly employees.
16.a The reference transactions total includes both continually logged data from some service points
and extrapolations from sampled data from other service points.
17 Does not include Law Library. The 10.3% decrease continues a downward trend in the use of
print collections.
18–20 Includes only data from EBSCO (723,586), Elsevier (2,064,862), and ProQuest (2,428,285). An
increase in downloads of newspaper articles explains the increase overall compared to FY13.
19 Includes only data from EBSCO (33,416,085), Elsevier (1,169,528), and ProQuest (13,620,543). The
COUNTER data shows a 21 million drop in EBSCO searches compared to last year, which we
are investigating. At this time we cannot explain it.
Library branches included: All IU Bloomington Libraries, IUB Law Library, and Special
Collections (includes Lilly Library Rare-books Library and University Archives).
Library branches NOT included: Ruth Lilly Medical Library.
4 Includes Congressional Serials Set: 381,121 volumes.
10 Covers retirement, health insurance, tuition benefit, life insurance, & workers compensation.
11 Official Designated Percent varies by employee type: 43.72% for professional staff, and 43.25%
for support staff.
16 Due to remodeling projects in IUB’s main library, several service desks were closed for
significant portions of 2013–2014.
18–20 Because of incompatibilities within our reporting systems for electronic resources, we do not
feel we can produce accurate use figures for this fiscal year. We are therefore not reporting data
for lines 18–20.
Library branches included: Art, Business, Engineering, Music, and Sciences.
2 Probable batch load/batch change issues creating significant increase; we cannot determine at
this time.
8.a, 13.a Includes a coordinator and IT programming staff that support the Libraries but not paid directly
from Libraries’ budget.
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