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6 During FY 2014, the libraries saw an overall increase in materials spending. This is the result of
a combination of factors: endowment increases and expenditures, special one-time allocations
of reserve funding, and improved processes to respond to orders and order processing.
7.c Decreases in collection support can be directly attributed to shifts in how charges to libraries
are assessed with respect to fees associated with the online catalog. Previously assessed
specifically as a bibliographic utility charge, the charge is now assessed in aggregate with all
fees assessed to libraries.
9 Due to changes in how bibliographic utilities are assessed to all libraries, the charge for this
service is no longer separated out as a unique charge, which would have fallen under question
7c. Now, it is aggregated as part of a larger institution-wide library assessment for services
held in common. As a result, this charge has been shifted and appears in this line, significantly
increasing its total.
10 Fringe benefits include vacation salary, medical, dental, insurance, retirement, pensionable extra
compensation, and non-pensionable extra compensation.
12 Charges assessed to support the online catalog are now rolled into a larger library assessment
that does not differentiate this service.
13.c This number is not available.
18–20 Data currently unavailable. Efforts are underway to examine measures to make this statistic
available in the future.
24 There’s been a recent revision of the mapping of programs to CIP codes, the taxonomy used by
the Department of Education, which is mentioned in the ARL instructions, which has resulted
in the increase in the number of codes we’re using thus an increase in the total reported.
23–29 This is a university-wide number covering all schools and programs.
The UH Manoa Library purchases some electronic resources for the John A. Burns School of
Medicine Health Sciences Library and the William S. Richardson School of Law Library. These
expenditures are included in the figures reported for UH Manoa Library.
4 Increase is due to increased emphasis on e-books.
7 Budget restrictions necessitated reduction of the materials budget.
7.a Budget restrictions necessitated reduction of the monographs budget.
7.c Budget restrictions necessitated reduced spending on collection support.
8.b Budget restrictions necessitated leaving staff positions unfilled.
8.c Budget restrictions necessitated reducing student worker hours.
12 Some memberships were canceled following a cost/benefit analysis.
13.a, 13.b Centralized position control was implemented in FY2013. Vacant positions were eliminated
from the library’s position counts.
14 Reduced staff decreased capacity.
15 Class sizes increased.
16 There was a greater emphasis on data collection and gate counts have increased.
17 Continuing downward trend.
20 Adjustments were made to search interfaces and options.
21 Possibly due to participation in BorrowItNow.
23 Overall decline in student enrollment.
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